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SIAL,中国,2018年5月16 - 18日

SIAL,中国,2018年5月16 - 18日

2018年5月16 - 18日上海

SIAL中国是全球第四大食品展,拥有16年的市场经验。 展览致力于食品和饮料零售,酒店和葡萄酒行业。 SIAL中国为跨国公司进军亚洲和中国奠定了基准,并为区域食品行业提供了宝贵的市场见解,趋势和创新,特别是在肉类和奶制品行业。 加入最大的市场之一:亚洲占全球人口的2/3,仅在中国就有每年新增2000万中产阶级的人口。



16-18 May 2018 Shanghai

SIAL China is the 4th biggest food show in the world, with 16 years’ experience in the market. The exhibition is dedicated to the food & beverage retail, hospitality and wine industries. SIAL China sets the benchmark for overseas companies stepping into Asia and China as well as providing valuable market insights, trends and innovations of the regional food industry, in particular in the meat and dairy sectors. Join one of the biggest markets: Asia represents 2/3 of the worldwide population and is gaining 20 million new middle class people per year in China alone.

You heartily invite you at our Stall 035 Hall E7 at SIAL shanghai, China exhibition

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